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Nonton Streaming Film Serial - Once Again 55 & 56 (2020)

Once Again (2020)

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Download Film Once Again 55 & 56 (2020)
Rating :
: 10.0/10 (550 votes)
Released :
Category : comedy, drama, family, korea, romance
Trailer : Once Again (2020)
Duration : 35 min.
Director : Yang Hee Seung
Staring : Cha Hwa Yeon, Cheon Ho-Jin, Lee Cho-hee, Lee Min-Jung, Lee Sang-Yeob, Moon Woo-Jin, Oh Dae-Hwan
Tag : , , , ,
Synopsys : Song Young Dal, a frugal father and owner of a sweet and sour chicken restaurant in Yongju Market, and Jang Ok Boon, who’s always bickering with her meticulous husband, have raised four troublemaking siblings. Joon Seon was a stuntman, Ga Hee, who’s beautiful, was a flight attendant, Na Hee, who is full of herself, is a pediatrician, and their youngest daughter, Da Hee all tell their parents that they are getting divorced. This news comes as a shock to Young Dal and Ok Boon. The Song family is surrounded by various people like Cho Yeon, who overcame her struggles, opened up a kimbap restaurant in the market, and became successful, Chi Su, who is the life of the party, Young Dal’s best friend, and a butcher, the owner of the dried fish store, the owner of the twisted bread store, and more. Once Again is the story of the eventful Song family, who can’t get a day of peace, and their neighbors in Yongju Market.